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Kabali review 3.0/5

Published On Jul 22  2016  3:00 am
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The most awaited movie of the year "Kabali" is finally on the big screen, has it garnered god response?Is the great KABALI fever still on and spreading?It let the expectations sore sky high by the release of its teaser.Like the familiar dialogue says" yeh sirf trailer tha picture abhi baaki hai mere dost"...With anticipation in hearts, nerve wrecking imagination of Talaiva's 159th movie on the sceen especially for his ever adoring fans...Will Kabali repeat the Magic of Bhasha or is it going to fall flat like Baba, without much Ado here goes the review:
 Yes! Kabali is proving to turn crowds to the theaters. The fever is on and is spreading like a plague! It may not be one of the kind movie like Chandramukhi or with a tremendous screenplay and awesome story line like Bhasha but has taken care to keep its pace in place.Kabali is a good movie period!Kabaleeswaran belongs to the family of daily wagers who have migrated from India to Malaysia. the oppression caused to these labourers gives birth to Kaali as a don to revolt against the atrocities.Radhika Apte plays the love interest of Kabali.The two meet fall in love and get married.Like the usual Rajni movies Rajni is a philantropist in the movie and helps in setting up schools and other centers for the underprivilidged. After certain backstabs and lashes Kabali spends 25 years of his life being imprisoned.He gets back and retains his lost life and reconciles with the present with fulfilling to get back to his daughter. The climax gives in a bolt of surprise and ends up with a non cliched twist. With amazing styling of Rajni plus his unbeatable persona Kabali is a paisa wasool there itself. What takes you for a surprise is the characterization of women in the movie.Radhika Apte and Riythvika give awesome performances.sai Dhansika is all savvy and totally mesmerising in the action scenes.
 Pa Ranjith who is 2 movies old did a commendable job keeping his consistency alive after Theri.The director proves his finesse and talent through this movie in every shot.The Screenplay drags a bit and first is rather cliched.Fight sequences are par excellence.The argument scene between Rajini and Winston Chao is class part.The melodrama is heart wrenching and breaks you down.Music is just to the mark, sober per se but the background score takes the cake.




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